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WHO IS AGAINST ME? // Song Story by Grace Baylis

I’ve always imagined this song to be a song I’d have listened to on repeat, strutting my way into school. In fact, I always imagine my friend Sarah leading a praise aerobics class to it!

It’s a simple truth, and in this song I think it’s a battlecry:

Since You are for me,

Who is against me?

On a similar vein to the last album’s Life In Colour, it’s about the goodness that comes from a life with Jesus. It’s happy-go-lucky, but badass, all at the same time.

In terms of songwriting/composition, it came together quite quickly. TP, the musical genius that he is, had already written the music for it. He had the track - the drums, the riffs, the sections for verse and chorus, but no lyrics, concept or melody.

Us ladies (Pippa, Charlotte and I) hardly ever get to sing together as a 3. It’s a sadness in my heart … so when we had the opportunity to work with Tom and sing on a track together as ladies, it was always going to be a winner! It’s a bold, feel-good declaration of who we are, and who He is.

“She is closed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.”

Psalm 31:25

The trials, the fears, the struggles, they come. Of course they do! But this is a perfect song that sums up the joyful truth that surpasses all of that - He is for us, He is with us, and loves every Little Mix-inspired worship song that we sing about it!

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