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THIS HOPE WILL NOT LET US DOWN // Song Story by Hugh Potter

This song started life on one of our song writing retreats in 2018. It was written in response to a society and culture which often seems to promote that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout the song we declare with more and more conviction that there is a hope, and His name is Jesus.

In verse one we delve into the loud and chaotic environment that can be our lives, with little hope of a way forward. How many of us have crowded minds and often feel lost? I do.

Through the first chorus however we begin to declare the truth of the Gospel, we remind ourselves of the passage in the Bible where one of the disciples walks across water keeping his eyes fixed on Jesus, and this beautiful line:

glimpses of who You are break through into my heart

This for me speaks perfectly of the realisation that we on earth have only ever seen a glimpse of the Glory of God, that moment you look at a beautiful sunrise, and almost tangibly a beam of light breaks through into your body to warm and console it.

In the second verse we still speak of the temptation and trials that each of us face, but with ever more confidence we finish by singing that we now know that God is with us, we trust Him. After singing a second alternative chorus once more we are now in a place to simply praise God, we’ve journeyed through understanding how He interacts in relation to our struggles and we now just abandon ourselves to Him, declaring that He is defender, protector, deliverer.

Throughout the song we have the tag, and title of the track This Hope Will Not Let Us Down I’m not sure about you, but this is something I need to remind myself of every day, every hour and every minute, but often forget.

God is good, there is a hope, He will never fail.

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