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ROMANS 5:8 // Song Story by Joe Wells

I listened to a really interesting talk which unpacked the idea that the blood of the lamb as a sacrifice to save God’s people ran the whole way through the bible. I was inspired to write a song about this idea.The words for the verses here didn’t make it into the final song on the album, but the poem below gives the stories of the saving power of the blood of the lamb:

Many years ago

Our father in the faith

went to kill his son in complete surrender to God

Just before the knife fell

The angel of the Lord

Cried stop and offered a Lamb, with its horns court in a tree

It’s the blood of the Lamb, the power to save.

God’s people were held as slaves

The Lord heard their cry

And sent Moses to stubborn Pharaoh ‘Let my people go’

After the plagues, first born son’s were going to die.

But to project the Israelites

was wiped, the blood of a Lamb, on their houses, high above every door.

It’s the blood of The Lamb, the power to save.

Then when Mary said her yes

Your will not mine be done

The Lamb of God, became man and God in one

Christ Jesus is His name 

He came to love a broken world

and offered himself as the Lamb, and was lifted high on a tree

It’s the blood of The Lamb, the power to save.

None to Lost, 

None to broken

None to sinful

to be healed by the blood of the Lamb

This all can be beautifully summed up in St Paul’s letter to the Romans in chapter 5 verse 8 continuing in verse 9:

“But see how God manifested his love for us: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us and we have become just through his blood. With much more reason now he will save us from any condemnation.”

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