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FOR LOVE // Song Story by Tom Pugh

For anyone that writes music, you’ll know that, most of the time, it requires energy, head-scratching, reworking, and occasionally scrapping altogether! You’ll also know that every now and then, you get lucky. And on those rare occasions, it’s as if you’re writing the words to a song that you already know: the melody feels like something you’ve been singing your whole life, the chords slot into place side by side. As a song-writer, it’s easy for me to get caught up in “trying” to make a song “interesting and new”: you add a funny chord because you feel like there should be at least one in the song that catches the listener out, you avoid the standard chord progressions that people have heard 10,000 times. But then, there’s something truly magical about simplicity - all the chords you’re expecting to hear, all in the right place and at the right time, with a melody that makes sense, that you can sing after hearing just the first line.

When we sat down to write For Love, we simply set out to write a song that spoke the truth of who God is and what He has done for us. The writing of this song happened in the context of long and lengthy discussions about the concepts, theology, and ‘deeper meaning’ of other songs that we were writing. In some sense, when writing For Love, we set out to do the complete opposite - to write a song that didn’t need explaining or debating. The message is clear: all for love.

But how easy is it for us to become immune to that simple truth, like the ticking of a clock that you’ve heard tick a million times but no longer can hear. This song, to us, is an opportunity to refocus our minds on the knowledge that we are loved by God, and that no matter how we’re feeling - whether we feel hopeless, hurting, lonely or weak - God is always the answer.

When I first started leading worship, I learnt how important it was to have the opportunity to praise God before we worship God. Singing truth about Him and praising Him for all he has done, prepares us to enter into a deeper encounter in worship. For Love gives us this opportunity. By singing out the truth of who God is; healer, anchor, saviour, friend, we are reminded of who God is and who we are - loved completely by Him. The Bridge is intended to be the pivotal moment of the song, where we move from singing out the truth of God, to inwardly experiencing that truth for ourselves. This song wasn’t just written for people to sing about the love of God. Rather, it was written as a means to remember and experience it.

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