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ECHOES // Song Story by Grace Baylis

The Psalms have always been a place of refuge for me when it comes to scripture, especially when songwriting. They’re naturally poetic; perfectly capturing so much of what we feel throughout the different seasons we find ourselves in. One minute we find ourselves crying out into the wilderness of ‘where are you, God?’ (like in Psalm 10), the next we are declaring that there’s no other God but Him (like Psalm 63).

What I love about Psalm 19 in particular, is its gentle nature. I reckon it was the Psalm that was written in a field or a beach in the middle of nowhere, alone, at sunrise. It’s effortless;

The heavens proclaim the glory of God.

The skies display his craftsmanship.

Day after day they continue to speak;

night after night they make him known.

The glory of God is as endless and assured as the rise and fall of the sun - how cool is that.

Rachel and I, one afternoon, wanted to write a Psalm together. I’d been playing around with a particular riff on the guitar for a while, but hadn’t managed to come up with lyrics or melody. We chose Psalm 19, and it genuinely flowed quite easily from there (which is a sign that it was from the Lord, as I usually find songwriting frustrating at the best of times).

What I especially love about Echoes is that there are no added words, no extra lines, no further lyrical input from me or any of us who worked on this song; it’s directly out of Psalm 19. And yet, its melody and its production (TA nailed it) speaks to me and for me on a level that feels as though the lyrics are directly from my heart.

I’m allllll about the slower, acoustic vibes of worship songs, and music in general really. So I really wanted the song to reflect that, as well as this crazy paradox that we can feel when we look at something as grand as a sunrise, and know how intimately loved we are. Because in the same spirit of the loud ‘crying out to God’ moments; the gritty ‘I need you God’ moments or the corporate ‘come in power’ moments, lie the ‘resting in God’s glory’ moments.

For as surely as the sun rises and falls, the glory of God, the beauty of God, and His infinite love for us, echoes all around us. It’s as calm as as beautiful as that.

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