• One Hope Project

COME CLOSE // Song Story by Tom Aston

When approaching the songwriting session for this track we wanted to write something that could be sung to encourage and steward moments of encounter with the Lord. Praying together, we pressed into the words "all I've ever wanted is found in You" which was something that Pippa had written in her journal. We reflected on knowing more of the invitation to intimacy and allowing God to come closer to us. From there, the song was realised in just one session, abandoning the traditional verse/chorus approach for three simple motifs.

"Come close, my heart is ready" is a bold opening sentiment and sets the tone for the piece. We know that God is already close to us, we are not beckoning him from far away. Our prayer behind these lines is that we personally would be inviting God to come closer than we've ever before allowed Him and invade every aspect of our heart and being. By singing these words we let God know that He is welcome as the guest of honour in our hearts. It is a moment of surrender, a moment of recognising that everything we need and desire can be found in Jesus, so we should desire nothing more than His presence in our lives.

The last section, sung by Grace, reminds us that this relationship we have with Jesus is a truly personal one, and one that we should be comfortable to rest in and rely on wholeheartedly. It can sometimes be hard to accept that Jesus wants to have a relationship with you personally, but it's true. Yes, you!

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