• One Hope Project

BIRDSONG // Song Story by Tom Aston

This short piano interlude was a completely spontaneous moment that came about whilst I was alone in the studio one night. I had been working on the ending of This Hope Will Not Let Us Down, specifically the fade out of the synths and electric guitars when I found a texture I liked. On finding this atmosphere, I started playing the keyboard which I have setup just below my desk and, probably after a lot of questionable musical ideas, landed on this short refrain. I didn't think twice about hitting record - the part felt like a much needed breather after the weight, depth and intensity of what had come moments before.

The recording by which the track got its title was made on another occasion. This time an early morning in the studio, it was a bright day and the birds were singing louder than usual. Seemingly inspired by their song, for I can often hear birds if I have a window open, I placed the microphone I had set up by the window and began recording. The captured birdsong doesn't come close to the sound that I personally experienced that morning, but the resulting blend of nature and London traffic accompanies the piano with a reality that hopefully conveys a great sense of space and peace. It was only days later that I realised that I had recorded the sound of birdsong on Easter Sunday morning.

I hope that this short selah encourages a moment of reflection for you.

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