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BETTER IN HIS PRESENCE Pt. 2 // Song Story by Tom Pugh

The story behind this song is a particularly special one. We were at the very, very end of the production process - and when I say the end, I mean we had literally all gathered to sign off the “finished songs”. How wrong we were…

We began the day by listening through the album, although at this stage we didn’t have a track order. It was only when we wrote the song titles on scraps of paper and laid them on the floor that we felt like there was something missing. We knew that we had written the right songs for the album, but we didn’t feel like it had finished: it was clear to us that the album didn’t have an ‘ending’.

With deadlines having been and gone, we knew that we were running out of time to make major changes to the album - it was being sent off to be mastered later that week!! After praying and chatting with each other, it felt right to reprise one of the songs. It wasn’t difficult for us to pick a song as we all agreed that there was more to Better In His Presence than had already been captured. Once we realised that, the rest of the process was simple. We looped the ending of Better In His Presence, and we worshipped. What came out of that time is exactly what you hear on the album. We wanted the song to fade back in as though it had never finished the first time: like it was still being sung and we were simply joining back in.

You make me free and I don’t want to be anywhere else, it’s better with you Jesus: the ending that we were searching for.

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