• One Hope Project

ALL THINGS NEW // Song Story by Joe Wells

All Things New follows on from The Quiet Place and works well as a ‘pause’ moment

after that song.

The phrase comes from the book of Revelation where God declares:

I am making everything new!

Through Jesus’ surrendered road to the cross, His death and resurrection, He

restored our relationship with the Father, making a way to heaven and life with God.

God has a beautiful way of taking everything in our lives, the good and the bad, and

redeeming, restoring, healing, renewing, enriching and empowering it all. He won’t

ever leave us to work it all out on our own. It is His power working in us that enables

us to do more than we can ask or imagine.

This tag started out life as a chorus in another song, but flowed so well as an

additional idea out of The Quiet Place. When we sit and wait, God comes and meets

us and through that time spent with Him, He can make all things, yes all things, new.

Our lives, the people we know and our world.

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