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The OHP Academy is back for our third cohort of students beginning in January 2023. The OHP Academy aims to raise up accomplished, Spirit-filled worshippers in parishes all around the world. This is an online school and is accessible for all, so whether you are a singer or a musician, we want to help you grow and encourage music teams in your context.


  • Attend two evening sessions per month on Zoom

  • Get involved with the music at your parish on a Sunday (where possible)

  • Catch-up meeting with your manager

  • Session with your mentor

  • In the final month of The Academy, participants will have a place on the One Hope Project Worship Weekend


  • A manager and a mentor

  • A programme and a project

  • A place on the One Hope Project Worship Weekend

  • The notes for each session, a reading list and resources

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The Academy will last for 6 months with 2 programme sessions each month and the final month we will gather for the One Hope Project Worship Weekend. The programme sessions will be delivered online. All the session info is below!

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The project will involve developing a worship skill linked to each person's context. Choose one ‘track’ which you will grow in and that your parish needs - example tracks are: Guitar for Worship, Keys for Worship, Leadership & Team, Music Production, or Songwriting.

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Keeping the person on track with their project and the programme material they have been given throughout The Academy.

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Somebody to listen, guide and pray with the student throughout The Academy.


January 2023 - June 2023

Two Thursday evenings each month, January 2023 - June 2023.

One Hope Project Worship Weekend 7th - 9th July 2023, location TBC.


£900 GBP per person

for the programme material, the time given by One Hope Project and the Worship Weekend. Bursary places are available.

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Applications close 11th December 2022. Zoom meetings will be held between the 12th and 16th December to discuss your application - we’ll be in touch with the date of your meeting.



The hope for the programme sessions is to access people’s:

 HEADS   We want to provide the participants with solid teaching and knowledge.

 HEARTS   We will begin each session with prayer and worship and always prioritise encounter with God as we journey together.

 HANDS   We desire for the sessions to be practical and for candidates to hone their craft across The Academy.

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#1: Introductory Session

Thursday 12th Jan | 19.15 UK time


#2: Leading Worship Pt.1 

Thursday 26th Jan19.15 UK time

#3: It’s All About Jesus

Thursday 9th Feb19.15 UK time

#4: Music for Liturgy Pt.1

Thursday 23rd Feb19.15 UK time

#5: Music for Liturgy Pt.2

Thursday 9th Mar | 19.15 UK time

#6: Leading Worship Pt.2

Thursday 23rd Mar | 19.15 UK time


#7: Hearing God's Voice in Worship

Thursday 20th Apr19.15 UK time

#8: "Off Set List"

Thursday 27th Apr | 19.15 UK time

#9: Building a Team

Thursday 11th May19.15 UK time

#10: Playing Well Together

Thursday 25th May19.15 UK time

#11: Creativity & Beauty

Thursday 8th Jun | 19.15 UK time

#12: Songwriting

Thursday 22nd Jun | 19.15 UK time

#13: The Authentic Leader

Thursday 29th Jun | 19.15 UK time




The Worship Weekend: This will be time to hang out, worship together and go through the material from the Academy in greater depth. There will be teaching tracks exploring different kinds of worship and creativity. The Worship Weekend will be taught by external worship leaders, preachers and teachers from all over the UK.




For the third time running we are working with Divine Renovation UK as a key partner for The OHP Academy. DRUK are offering 5 parishes in group coaching the opportunity for their potential worship leader to take a space on this year’s worship Academy at 50% of the cost. Please state which parish you are applying through on your application form. Following your application, an additional Zoom meeting will be set up between the applicant, One Hope Project and the Parish Priest.

 FAQs ​

Can I still apply if I don’t have much experience in leading music in church?
Yes of course! The Academy covers a wide range of topics and practical guidance to take you through all you’d need to know for being involved in the music ministry in your parish.

I don’t play an instrument, but I do sing, is that okay?
Yes, very much okay! If you’ve got experience in singing in choirs, or singing lessons and have a passion for worship and music then The Academy will be a great thing for you.

Will I have time for my day job alongside the Academy?
Yes. The Academy will be an investment of your time, but we’re confident that it will be manageable alongside any full time job and other life commitments.

Is the One Hope Project Worship Weekend included?

Yes! Your fee includes this event, which will be packed full of more great teaching and lots of times to worship together. This weekend will be 7th - 9th July 2023.

Can I pay the fee in instalments?
Yes, you can split the cost into two instalments of £450 payable in January and then in May.

Are there bursary places available?

Yes. We don’t want the cost of The Academy to stop you from applying. Within the application form you can state whether you are applying for a bursary place and we will be in touch with you about this.

Do I have to be over 18?

Yes, The OHP Academy is run for anyone over the age of 18. We hope to run it again in the coming years so be sure to apply when you hit that age.


What if I can't make all the sessions?

We understand that life and commitments can be busy sometimes and therefore understand if you cannot make all of the sessions. However, we do strongly encourage you to attend everything as we are great believers of the saying “the more you put in the more you get out!” If you are in a position of not being able to make a session just let us know beforehand by emailing us at We also record the teaching sessions, so if you need to catch up on the material that is possible.


Any other questions we haven't covered?

Feel free to send us an email at

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