ONE HOPE PROJECT is a group of friends who enjoy meeting up, being creative and worshipping God, the God of love. We are learning that worship is what we, humanity, are made to do and that we are designed to be in His presence. Our understanding of being in His presence is where all can experience God’s gifts of love, joy, healing and peace. We want to be inspired and to inspire others to connect with the heart of God through music, creativity and serving others.

We believe that we are called to use our whole lives to worship God. We can worship through our jobs, our studies, our sport, our relationships, our finances - all can be used to give God praise!

We want to understand even more that when we get together and worship God, heaven and earth meet and this not only opens our eyes to the Kingdom of Heaven and helps us grow in love for Jesus the King, but also has a prayerful effect on the world around us.

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